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Bond is not the only agent out there!                                                                                                      The ultra-secret government department known as Sector Three receives a top priority message from Klemperer, their agent-in-place in Tunisia. He is sheltering a high-ranking North Korean political official who wishes to defect to the UK, and an escort is required to see him safely to London. Sector Three conclude that the defector would be a valuable asset, having much to reveal about his country’s military intentions. An agent, code-named Robert Lane, is sent to accompany him to Britain. Arriving at the designated hotel to await contact Lane receives no word, but is put on his guard when he notices his resemblance to a fellow-guest who has suffered a fatal accident. This is the beginning of a series of attempts on Lane’s life. The motive is unknown to him as is the identity of his enemy, since he has never been in Tunisia before. Several times he narrowly escapes, until at last Klemperer makes contact. A rendezvous is arranged and Lane is increasingly wary, seeing his adversary in every shadow. He is up against a deadly enemy who is becoming increasingly desperate.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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