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When we were first created, and placed in a garden, amid a paradise world all our own, we were to remain in constant communion with our Creator. We turned from both Him and our Purpose when we disobeyed and hid from Him. However, He has never stopped trying to save us from ourselves. He even went so far as to be born a man, live, and die a terrible death, to do so.

Forgotten Prophets – we are called, who will answer? Was written to show in personal testimony of the lives of mortals, that God is still with us and speaks to us through parabolic example. It is us who have forgotten how to hear Him. He communicates to us for our sake and for the sake of those we are called to minister to. 

This book does not tell you what He says. His communications for you are intimate and unique. This book will show you how to recognize His communication and interpret it, knowing for sure that it is He that is reaching out to you and not just some voice in your head, or just the opinion of someone else when others try to give you advice.

You are a child of God, and in this book, you will explore exactly what that means and how this birthright was restored at the cross. As you read you will see that you truly are called, and only you can answer the question, “Will you answer?”

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