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 I have a gofundme account for continuing my education. I have completed 32 credits of my 72 required credit credits to get my associates degree in early education. But I had to stop going to school when my grandson was born prematurely and my husband and I decided to adopt him because his parents abandoned him.


I want to apply to Salt Lake City Community College for the fall semester. I have acquired daycare. My goal is to reach a Masters in Psychology and create a fund for children affected by abuse and neglect of all forms. Even babies born addicted to drugs are more likely to have very grim futures. We need to stop this and help heal their souls, the children’s and the parents. It is my life mission to do that. Many of these children end up at foster homes and even though foster parents and prospective adoptive parents love these children they do not have the resources to help them, so many children are returned to foster care.

Four years will get my Bachelors my of Science of Psychology. 

Then I can counsel with supervision at a a clinic. I am a survivor of childhood trauma and realized through my recovery that there are several children who need help

My goal is a Masters in Sociology/Psychology. 

It will take at least 6 years but I am 44 and am losing time

Yes Lyric does have special needs. His bio mom did heavy drugs during the pregnancy and he was born 12 weeks early 3 lbs.  They had to resuscitate him 10 times in the NICU. He was born deaf and is sensitive to loud noise and touch. We had tubes put in his ears and an operation done on his lungs. My husband and I adopted him when he got out of the hospital. Be a he was abandoned by his parents. I teach him at home. Physically Lyric is about 6 months behind, he still wears diapers and drink a bottle, he is super smart in many areas but cognitive areas are slower. Not that he won’t get there but it will take time. That is why I’m doing online classes and having a girl sit with him while I d homework. This can be done. We just need the push. He is very loving but when someone is mean to him he doesn’t comprehend what that means. He call everyone his friend.

Many foster children are born addicted to drugs, the problem is that well meaning foster parents and potential adopted parents don’t have the tools or resources to help the children and out of frustration give them back to the foster system

The research on “drug” babes is only about 6 years old, and they haven’t incorporated what these people really need. Experience of parents who have been there and Neuroscientists who understand brain development and brain plasticity. That’s basically my vision 

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