First Faith Based Zombie Film

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May 4


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An Imam, Pastor and Rabbi walk into a private bar…that’s not the beginning of a bad joke but the commencement of what they call, “The Absolute Awakening.”Three men come together to put an end to the “bastardizing of humanity.” They’re fed up with normality of financial greed, over sexualization and government corruption. With this unified passion, they make a choice to master reset the country…one state at a time…starting with Georgia.

They pick the world’s greatest scientist and manipulate him into creating one of the most evil and discriminatory viruses the world has seen. Once the virus takes control of Georgia, the U.S. government calls for a missile strike to prevent the hordes of “White Eyes” from infecting the remaining country.

Six hours until the strike we find six strangers  of three different religions fighting for survival. As the clock ticks down, they find out their pasts intertwine and no matter their religion…all they have…is just faith. Will they survive or will they disappear with the state?


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